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Welcome to the FLBA

In the late Summer of 2009 3 Bocce enthusiast, Bill Swanson, Kevin Thies and Chuck Basford met to discuss the possibility of building some Bocce Courts in the Village of McFarland.  Bocce had been played for a couple of years earlier at the Madison Curling Curl (MCC) and on the Wm. McFarland Park field next to the parking lot.  The idea for Bocce was originally thought of by long time MCC member Tuck Botham years earlier.  Tuck has since passed away but his dream of Bocce being played has survived.

The outcome of the meetings held by Kevin, Bill and Chuck was the establishment of a Non-Profit Organization called the Four Lakes Bocce Association, Inc. otherwise known as the FLBA.  The FLBA’s mission as envisioned by the three founders was to build Bocce Courts for Public use including the disabled and elderly, introduce and educate the Public on the playing of Bocce, promote Bocce as a healthy recreational activity for people of all ages, and to help establish Bocce Leagues and Tournaments for friendly competition.  To that end in the short span of one year and with the help of many volunteer workers such as FLBA members, Operation Fresh Start workers, the County Correctional System, and the McFarland Lions Club and also with the financial help provided by the Madison Community Foundation, McDonalds Restaurant, FLBA members, MG&E, the McFarland Senior Outreach Foundation and the Village of McFarland and numerous other community citizens and businesses, our goal of building four courts, now named the McFarland Bocce Courts, came to fruition in September of 2010.  Membership in the FLBA in 2010 reached approximately 70 members and a League season of 8 weeks plus several tournaments were played.

Since 2010, the league typically has around 100 members each year. For more information, contact or call (608) 618-1221.